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Do you plan to enroll full time (at least 12 hours for BS programs, 9 hours for MS or PhD programs) in BOTH Fall 2023 AND Spring 2024?
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Describe your educational and/or career plans.
Describe any special honors or awards you have received in the last three years.
Describe any engineering, science or mathematics projects you have worked on in the last three years.
Describe your membership, involvement, positions and activities in any student chapter of a professional engineering society or any other club related to science, technology, engineering or math.
Describe your current or past service activities (i.e. non-engineering club memberships, church or civic activities).
Describe any other special talents or extracurricular activities (music, art, sports, etc.).
Describe scholarship information.List any renewable scholarships, fellowships or grants you will receive for the 2023/2024 academic year. Exclude loans.
Describe your unmet financial need.
Describe any extenuating circumstances which may contribute to your financial need.
Do you plan to work during the academic year? If so, please include where and how many hours per week.
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Relatives employed full-time by USF?List full name of family member(s) employed full-time by USF, their job title as well as their relationship to you.
Relatives with USF degrees?List full name of family members that have graduated from USF, relationship to you and degree information.
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